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  • I can’t wait to lift up the name of Jesus with thousands of you urban #YouthWorkers next week @uywi Natl Conf. 🌴 Make sure to register! ☀️ #25YearsOfImpact #Youthministry  #Stumin #Leadership #Youthpastor #UYWI

@efrem.smith @jackiehillperry @loritts @noemichavezlbc @eugenecho @joshuachavezrevive @larryuywi @tommyuywi
  • She is SUPER WOMAN!

I know I am a day late posting it’s because we were busy living. I don’t know how @domonique.zamora does it, but she never ceases to amaze me. Just in the last month alone... she has preached 7 DIFFERENT messages across 9 different services! Has a 2 and 3 year old. She is seven months pregnant. I have traveled out twice. Spoken 12 different messages over 15 services. Yet, our home is full of love, peace, and joy because of Domonique.

Yesterday was special... we co-preached all the weekend services together. I’ll never forget seeing her speak about being a mother while being pregnant. It was special. And God really did move this weekend.

Love you with my whole heart! Happy Mother’s Day. @domonique.zamora

#farfromhome #GabrielJoel #JudahGraham #ElizaRuth
  • Last night was INCREDIBLE! We got to celebrate this group of seniors @firstyouthchurch Their future is so bright! This is honestly one of the hardest senior groups I’ve ever had to say “see you later” to. They are truly special.

P.S. I am not crying... you are! 😭
  • Had an incredible time with @weare_explicit and @trinitychristiancedarhill last week! By the end of the week I felt like family. Believe in these students! •
I can’t say enough good things about @jordanmiller2 and the whole youth staff! I love you all! Jordan you are a real one. I am so thankful for our friendship. Also, got to link up with a few others over coffee. 
#latergram #tbt
  • He is risen! Happy Easter from the Zamora’s!
#easter #GabrielJoel #JudahGraham
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you my SON! I couldn’t imagine life without Judah. You are so funny, kind, loving, strong, courageous, and unpredictable! I love your deep raspy voice. I love your hugs, I love when we wrestle and you tell me “you want the smoke!?” 😂😂. My life is better because of you. @domonique.zamora and I are the luckiest parents.
#JudahGraham #HBD #2yearsold
  • We NEED each other! Tag someone in the comments👇🏼 that you KNOW has your back!
“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:9-10‬ ‭NLT‬‬
Don’t do life ALONE! If you’re in the 239... Join in tomorrow @firstyouthchurch
  • These are moments I am trying to experience FULLY! #GabrielJoel had his first game yesterday. I love being a dad!
#Fatherhood #besthood #7
  • Something special happens when you SHOW UP! God is moving @firstyouthchurch If you are a young person you need to be here, if you are a parent get your kids here, if you’re a real friend be a bringer!

I believe in the local church. I celebrate what God is doing everywhere but I don’t want to miss what he has in front of me.  I believe in you @firstyouthchurch let’s change our world! 
Prayer at 6, service at 7pm. 
#LoveHard #YouthChurch #ShowUp
  • So... I’ve never been made into a cartoon before, but I have been to @youthforthenations and this one thing I know! It’s going to be 🔥🔥. I can’t wait to be with family @cfni and YFN! This isn’t just another conf/camp for me it’s the place where God encountered me as a teenage young man. I am so HONORED to be a part of the continued story now.
#LoveHard #YFN #NewEra
  • A team that is TOGETHER has to spend time TOGETHER. I am driven and there are times I can work so hard, that I forget how important it is to spend time with your team. Before I had a staff I was responsible for leading myself 90% of the time... and leading others 10% of the time during meetings, gatherings, events, etc. Now that I have a staff, I am  now responsible for leading people 90% of the time and only responsible for leading myself 10% of the time while I am studying, praying, strategizing, etc. I have come to a conclusion through getting it wrong if I am honest! When we lead people... being together comes one way and that is by spending time together that is unrelated to what we do, so that we all can appreciate each other for who we are as individuals. We had so much fun at universal. 
#LoveHard #Leadership
  • 3v3 tonight @firstyouthchurch get here at 6pm to register your team! Every player on winning team gets a Nintendo switch!

P.S. You like my handles!? 😂
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