April 15-17: Cedar Hill, TX

Trinity Cedar Hill High School Enrichment Week


April 17: Cedar Hill, TX

Explicit Student Ministries


May 18: Long Beach, CA

Revive Church


May 23-26: Los Angeles, CA

Urban Youth Workers Institute National Conference


June 3-4: Chattanooga, TN

Mosaic Student Camp


June 13-16: Minneapolis, MN

Emmanuel Youth Camp


June 17-18: Los Angeles, CA 

CRU LA Metro


June 19-20: Woodworth, LA

Fusion Summer Camp


June 21-23: Dominican Republic

Hope International Youth Leaders Conference


June 24-26: Dallas, TX

Youth For The Nations Summer Camp


August 5: Los Angeles, CA

UYWI 90 degree


August 19: New York, NY


August 23-25: Malden, MA

Roots Camp


October 11-12: Hanover, MD

The Telios Men’s Conference


November 21-23: Tampa, FL

New Castle Youth

With ministry in over 23 countries across 4 continents, Gabriel is in high demand to speak nationally to both youth and adult crowds.
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  • Boys show me your wrestling stance! 🤼‍♂️ #GabrielJoel #JudahGraham #Zamoraboys
  • Legacy is passed through your life, not a lecture!

So, many times we have discipleship models that have mentees running after the man or women of God for mentorship. Sadly, that isn’t the model of Jesus. In EVERY case with the disciples He Initiated the relationship. As it should be with us. We are NOT artist, we are SERVANTS! Love my family @uywi 
#LoveHard #uywi
  • The greatest gift I’ve ever been given is you! I love you @domonique.zamora 😘
  • Can’t wait to be with friends this month! If you are in SW FL get here! If you are in the area make a way to be here! @voxconference19 is going to be incredible! Registration in @voxconference19 Bio. 
Can’t wait to be with... @dinacomer
  • THIS WEDNESDAY, join us at 6:30 for our Super Smash Bros Gaming Tournament! The first place winner will get a $250 GameStop giftcard, and the second place winner will get a $100 giftcard! There will plenty of snacks, and for those who don’t play video games, we will also have basketball, volleyball, and Gaga ball going on! PLUS for every friend you bring, you’ll be entered to win BIG prizes! You don’t want to miss it!
#YouthChurch #GamingTournament
  • Don’t know what’s next? Want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Come to Southwest Florida! We produce a weekly TV show, videos, and so much more. Would love to give you more details. Internship includes housing and living expenses paid. DM me or @firstyouthchurch for more details. Tag someone below if you think they would be a fit.
  • I’ve been asked, “what city has God put on your heart?” I am never able to answer.... because I love the WORLD! Honestly, I don’t have just one city on my heart, at least not yet. What God did in the DR this year was incredible. Thank you Pastors Kurt and Debbie and Hope International for creating space to not only pour into senior pastors but also the next gen leaders of this beautiful country! Heaven knows all that is still to come of these gatherings.

  • In a divided world... people are looking at the church to see if we can do unity!

For two years now I have been on a journey of love, awareness, conviction,  clarity, and forgiveness. I have felt God tug on my heart in a way and on a topic that I honestly wanted to stay away from. I am a minority. I am from a disadvantaged background due to socioeconomic status and many other reasons, too long to list here. I am not angry nor do I harbor un-forgiveness towards the system that has slighted me and so many others. I also recognize that I steward privilege. Again, for many reasons too long to list here. So, for two years now I have felt God tug on my heart to speak against racism and systematic oppression of peoples. For the first time this summer I opened my mouth on the issue to more than just my wife in the comfort of my own home, but on two stages to leaders from around the nation. I thought I would be crucified. I came to the conclusion... If that we’re to be the outcome, I’m okay with that. BUT to my surprise there has been an incredible acceptance and desire to be change amongst the people and churches I have shared with! 🙌🏼😭 I couldn’t be more grateful because to be honest I was terrified. All this while @loritts has been a distant role model and example. For years you have been a leading voice on this issue. I have been listening and taking notes. In the last couple of weeks he has pulled me in close and I’m grateful. @loritts your counsel and support has meant the world to me... you’ve taken phone calls, texts, and offered prayers each time I have spoken. Because you have done the hard work of starting many conversations I get to come behind you and continue them. I want to always be available to speak what God wants me to. Even if it means the disapproval of some or many. Honestly... I am nervous to make this post, but my life is not my own. (Gal 2:20)

  • Monday night was incredible! We learned that in the kingdom it’s not fight or flight. It is both! My fight is in my flight. I am strong when I am weak. (2 Cor 12:9) I am renewed and empowered and I take flight when I wait on God. (Isaiah 40:31) God moved salvations, people we’re healed, and set free. There were at least ten students who had written suicide notes in the past TWO WEEKS that came to the altar to receive healing and let life be the final word, not death! There is so much history @youthforthenations for me I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part. Love @cfni there is no place on 🌍 like it! Thank you @micahsteger & @johnlhomm for having me, love you more!

P.S. This is the first of a few posts from this week but we’ll start here.
#LoveHard #YFN2k19 #NEWERA #FightorFlight
  • Dreams come true! This is our first ever father and son preaching trip! 😭 Can’t wait for tonight with @youthforthenations you can watch live at
#GabrielJoel #NewEra #Yfn2k19
  • This is my FAMILY! 😭 How in the world did I get so blessed. Can’t wait to meet our little girl #ElizaRuth in a month! Love you 😘@domonique.zamora
  • California knows how to party! Had an incredible time with @cru_highschool God is raising up young people from the ashes. I absolutely love @hungthach7 he is seriously one of the most godly and inspiring individuals I have ever been around! You just love Jesus and people more after being with him. •
#westcoastgetaway #cru
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